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Should the Saints consider Carson Wentz?

Read another way: Should the Saints give up precious draft picks for an overpaid quarterback who played poorly last season?

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints need a quarterback, but should that next quarterback be former first round pick Carson Wentz?

Odds have been released for the 2022 quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, and the list includes a handful of intriguing names:

+500 Jameis Winston

+550 Taysom Hill

+800 Jimmy Garoppolo

+800 Blake Bortles

+900 Matt Corral

+1200 Kenny Pickett

+1300 Ian Book

+1400 Trevor Siemian

+1800 Carson Wentz

+1800 Teddy Bridgewater

And given equal odds as former Saints quarterback and pending free agent Teddy Bridgewater is none other than Carson Wentz. In fact, Clutch Points recently named the New Orleans Saints as the third-best trade destination for the Indianapolis Colts signal-caller:

The New Orleans Saints are in a tricky cap situation, but as usual, the front office is bound to figure things out. With Sean Payton out of the equation, it’ll be interesting to see how they continue their path. Regardless, New Orleans needs a quarterback and they could be giving a call to the Colts in the offseason.

It’s not even clear if a trade for Wentz is financially possible for the Saints, but they should show interest. Even so, Wentz would be a nice quarterback to have to compete for a starting spot. If New Orleans calls to possibly trade for the veteran quarterback, the Colts should jump on the opportunity.

Our own Ross Jackson has broken down why the Saints should avoid a player like Carson Wentz this offseason, and you should check out that video below. Without spoiling the details, it’s hard to give up assets in a trade for a quarterback, making the kind of money Wentz is set to make, who had the type of year Wentz had last season.

That being said, in a world where the Indianapolis Colts outright release Wentz to save approximately $13 million in cap space, there could be worse options out there for the Saints. Jameis Winston still likely represents the unequivocal best option in free agency for New Orleans, but he likely represents that same first choice for other teams in need of a quarterback. If Jameis were to sign elsewhere, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers stay put, and the Saints want to sign a free agent quarterback, a released Carson Wentz might not be the worst option in the world.

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