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[WATCH] How the NFC South reacted to Tom Brady’s return

Hey! Another two free wins for us!

Well, Sunday sure was a big day for quarterback news in the NFC South. And I’m not even talking about that bit of news. I’m talking about good ol Tom Brady, who couldn’t even go more than two months of retirement before he came back. Some may call it competitiveness. Some may call it annoying. But whatever you call it, the fact is that Brady will once again face the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, and Carolina Panthers twice a season yet again.

The Panthers and Falcons reacted how you’d expect them to act:

god those two franchises are pathetic.

The Saints though? Well, silence is loud. And our lack of reaction to the Brady news shouldn’t surprise anyone: we’ve always been unbothered by the Bucs and Brady.

But don’t fret. I rounded up all of the NFC South team reactions and of course, saved the best for last:

Now...about OUR next QB...

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