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Saints receive two compensatory picks in 2022 NFL Draft

The NFL has announced the compensatory picks for the 2022 NFL Draft, with the Saints receiving two third-round selections.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints
The loss of Trey Hendrickson was one of the reasons for a Saints compensatory pick.
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints compensatory picks in this year’s draft have been announced. According to Adam Schefter, the Saints will receive two picks at the end of the third round. The Saints received these selections via two separate compensatory structures. One was the loss of a minority to a front-office position. The other was losing a player who ended up with a large contract. These two picks could be invaluable for the Saints as they go into the free agency market this week.

Saints Receive Two Extra Third-Round Picks

The New Orleans Saints have been rewarded two third-round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. Both of the rewarded picks come at the end of the third round. The Saints receive pick 34 in the third round as well as pick 37. These equate to picks 98 and 101 overall, respectively. The NFL gives out compensatory picks if an unrestricted free agent leaves a team and is not replaced by an equitable player. As of 2020, the NFL also rewards two third-round selections (one given in consecutive years) should the team lose a minority executive or coach to a General Manager or Head Coach position with another NFL club. The Saints received two picks, one for each compensation structure.

NFL: Combine
The hiring of Terry Fontenot by the Atlanta Falcons gives the Saints another compensatory pick
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The first of these draft picks were rewarded to the Saints under these new minority-hiring practices. Terry Fontenot was with the Saints from 2003 to 2020, working all the way up to Assistant General Manager and Vice President of Pro Personnel. The Atlanta Falcons hired Fontenot in January of 2021 for their vacant General Manager position. The other pick given to the Saints was because of the loss of Trey Hendrickson last off-season. Hendrickson signed a four-year, $60-million contract with the Cincinnati Bengals during the 2021 free agency period. This was considered a major loss for the Saints. The Saints did not sign an equal-caliber free agent to take Hendrickson’s place, leading to the NFL giving the Saints a compensatory pick. With the Saints actively pursuing trades during free agency, these two picks could be invaluable for the organization.