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[WATCH] The Deshaun Watson saga gave the NFC South a week it will never forget

Fandom is a crazy thing.

What a wild week this was in the NFC South. My goodness.

We were greeted to news of the New Orleans Saints interest in Deshaun Watson over the weekend. Needless to say, many had strong opinions on that. The Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers were also reported to be interested in Watson, which wasn’t as much a surprise as us being interested.

Then Tom Brady returned. Well, that’s one team down.

Saints vs Panthers for Watson? Not so fast, here come the Cleveland Browns. But as the days passed, momentum seemed to be on the Saints side. Could this be? Were we going to land Deshaun Watson?

Then, the Atlanta Falcons entered the chat.

At this moment, *I* knew we were done. I’ve seen this script before: the Saints are reported as the favorites for *insert marquee player here*, some random team jumps in, and we end up as the bridesmaid.

The Falcons, from a pure football standpoint, made NO sense over the Saints. But Watson apparently wanted to be home. He himself reached out to the Falcons to gauge their interest. He flew out to Atlanta whereas he made other teams fly out to him. We all know Deshaun Watson at worse has questionable judgment, so him entertaining the Falcons, who arguably had the worst talent of all four teams in play, shouldn’t have been shocking.

I mean yes, we have Alvin Kamara and Mike Thomas, but they have... Quavo? I guess Trombone Shorty was too busy to recruit for us.

Anyways, one by one Deshaun Watson started eliminating teams as if we were in a NFL edition of The Bachelor. Cleveland first. Carolina second (which sucks for them because they’ve been all-in on Watson for two years now, even before a jury declined to indict him!).

Down to the Saints vs Falcons. Had Deshaun Watson not have over 20 allegations of sexual misconduct, this would have been one of the most epic chapters in the rivalry’s history. 100% of both fan bases would have been all-in and the battle for an arguably top 5 quarterback would have been historic.

All signs were pointing to the Falcons. Their fans who wanted him were taking victory laps on social media. I won’t give the guy any more clout, but there was one Falcons fan who swore he had the scoop of scoops and broke the news to the great state of Georgia like the hero he was! (Social media has a bad habit of giving Joe Blows who claim they suddenly have insider information attention during free agency).

And what happens next? To the happiness of many, and the chagrin of a lot, the CLEVELAND BROWNS landed Watson. It’s peak Saints/Falcons when you think about it, every time they are SOCLOSE to success, always expect the worse to happen.

We’ll probably never have a week like the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes again. But we’ll always have the memories...

Hey Jameis, you know we didn’t mean all of that stuff this past week, right?

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