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[WATCH] We will miss you, Matt Ryan. Especially Cam Jordan

What a legend Matt Ryan was... for us.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when opposing NFC South fans celebrated Drew Brees retiring?

Kind of the opposite over here. Sure, Matt Ryan is a good QB. Very good. Heck, even great here and there. But he never quite put that fear into Saints fans hearts like Brees did the opposition. I’d argue he’s Hall of Very Good but definitely not Hall of Fame.

He did have a Hall of Fame career in one regard though... if Cam Jordan ever makes the Hall of Fame, Matt Ryan should induct him. Cam has sacked Ryan 22 times, which is an NFL record for most sacks by one player versus a quarterback.

Unless both play in 2023, we may have witnessed our final sack of Cam Jordan on Matt Ryan last season and thus, as sad as Atlanta Falcons fans are, New Orleans Saints fans and Cam Jordan himself may be even sadder.

First Julio. Now Matt. Tough two off-seasons for the Saints...

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