A Quick Guide on Multibetting

Multiple betting, or multi betting, is one of the most popular types of bets available to bettors across the world.

The article below explains how multi bets work, different types, and tips on how to make a profit.

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Multiple Bets Explained

Multi bet is a type of betting that allows bettors to win big payouts because they combine individual wagers as one bet.

Synonyms for multi bets are combo, accumulator bet and parlay bets.

Multi bets are difficult because you need every leg to be successful in order to win. If one leg loses, you won't make any money.

It is already difficult to predict the outcome of one game or race, and it is even tougher with multiple sports or games.

Operators allow bettors to add as many wagers as they want to the betting slip.

The more choices you make, the more money you can win, however, each time you add another pick, your chance of winning decreases, as you need to win all legs.

Because of multi-bet odds, bettors stand a chance to win big, especially when compared to single bets.

Multi Bet Types

A multi bet can be made from two selections, known as a double. If you make three selections, it is called a treble. These are pretty straightforward varieties.

If you make four selections on your bet slip, it is called an accumulator. Each time you add another pick, you create a "fold" bet.

These pick selections fall under straight multiples. For straight multiple bets, all your choices must win for you to win money.

For even more picks, you can apply for full coverage with single bets. This is much more complicated than straight multiples, but you do not have to win all your picks to get money back.

Full cover without singles is another popular type of multiple sports betting. It is similar to the bet type mentioned above, however, it does not cover single wagers on the same bet.

To win money, bettors must have two winning picks.

How Do You Win With Multi betting?

With all the odds stacked against you, it is difficult to win multi bets. As more than one single bet is combined into one single wager, the odds increase each time another leg is added.

The more choices you make, the smaller your chance of winning.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, place your bets on a sport you understand. Also, try to limit the number of legs you add.

Although payout will be more with more legs, your chances of winning are smaller.

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Steps for Multi Betting

1) Choose An Online Sportsbook

You can place a multi-bet with most online bookmakers on betting sites. Most betting sites will have multiple bet options available.

Bettors must do their research and find a site that works for them, and then register online to start the betting process.

New bettors may be awarded free or bonus bets as a welcome to the site.

2) Create A Bet Slip

Once you are registered, you can look at all the games you want to place bets on, and consider all the odds. Your selection will appear on your betting slip.

You can add as many picks as you want, but remember that the more bets you add, the smaller your chances of a payout.

3) Confirm The Bet

Once you have made your selections, you enter your stake and place the bet. Now all that is left to do is watch the games and wait.

Most Popular Sports For Multi Bets

Here are some of the most popular sports for multiple bets:

  • Football (NFL game)

  • Soccer (English Premier League, Champions League)

  • Basketball

  • Hockey

  • Baseball

  • Individual sports (Formula 1, Tennis)

Beginner's Tips To Multibetting

1) Don't back the short odds

Bettors that only bet on short-priced teams do not necessarily have a lower risk. Anything can happen in sports betting, and favourites can lose.

2) Keep your picks low

Although you increase your payout if you have more selections, your chances of winning decrease.

3) Focus on Teams

It is better to concentrate on the performance of the teams, and not the odds offered. Numbers should not control your decisions when placing multi bets.

Research the teams or individuals and make your decisions off your findings.

4) Look for professional tips

Websites like Neds post professional tips and odds, so keep an eye on sites like this for reviews and suggested strategies.

5) Look out for promotions and bonuses

Many bookmakers will offer odds boosts or multiple bet insurance, which will increase your payout. They may also offer you your stake back if you lose a single selection.

Final Thoughts

You may be wondering "are multi bets worth it?". If you take the above tips into consideration and keep your wits about you, then the answer is yes!

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