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Top-100 New Orleans Saints of All-Time: Honorable Mention

While these players didn’t make the top-100, they did get votes and are certainly worth noting.

NFL: FEB 02 Super Bowl XLIV Media Day - New Orleans Saints Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

Who’s better?

That question is asked, and those debates happen every day amongst sports fans.

Trying to compare players of a common position and era are tough enough. Once you introduce grouping all positions together, regardless of when they played, what the talent pool was or what the rules were during their NFL careers, the answers get arbitrary.

We combined four sources to come up with our list of the Top-100 New Orleans Saints players of all time. Rankings for all players were averages comprised of contributions from (Twitter: @pfref), Jeremy Trottier of the (Twitter @ClutchWDN), Billy Gunn of the ‘Taking the Over with Billy Gunn’ Podcast (Twitter & Instagram: @takingtheover) and John Butler of and the Saintjohnbutler YouTube channel (Twitter & Instagram: @Saintjohnbutler).

Unfortunately, not every player that received votes made it to the top-100. Here is our Honorable Mention list and the years they played for the Saints.

Honorable Mention

Del Williams (1967-1973)

Dave LaFary (1977-1986)

Mike McKenzie (2004-2009)

Jim Merlo (1973-1979)

John Tice (1983-1992)

Keith Mitchell (1997-2001)

Russell Gary (1981-1986)

Jim Kovach (1979-1985)

Emanuel Zanders (1974-1980)

Kevin Houser (2000-2008)

Elois Grooms (1975-1981)

Chris Ivory (2010-2012)

Curtis Lofton (2012-2014)

Elex Price (1973-1980)

Jabari Greer (2009-2013)

Steve Korte (1983-1990)

Taysom Hill (2017-Present)

Ernie Jackson (1972-1977)

Winfred Tubbs (1994-1997)

Larry Warford (2017-2019)

Vonn Bell (2016-2019)

Tony Elliott (1982-1988)

Junior Galette (2010-2014)

Scott Fujita (2006-2009)

As you may notice, there are some very talented players who just missed the cut. The list above consists of countless college awards, NFL Pro Bowlers, NFL Pro Football Weekly All-Rookie Award winners and even a few Super Bowl champions.

Be on the lookout for the upcoming articles that will take us through the Top-100 All-Time New Orleans Saints - as we count down the greatest to ever wear the black and gold.

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