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What would a Deebo Samuel trade package look like?

The All-Pro receiver has reportedly requested a trade from the 49ers. Could the Saints make a call?

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the news of wide receiver Deebo Samuel reportedly requesting a trade from the San Francisco 49ers, I thought right now would be a perfect time to come up with a hypothetical trade package in which the New Orleans Saints could acquire Samuel.

The obvious starting point for a player like Samuel would be a first rounder so let's start there. Being that the Saints have two of them, the 49ers would want to pick 16 (1st) rather than picking at 19 (1st) so let’s give it to them. Now from here, I look back on the Tyreek Hill trade and see how much Miami included in their deal. The two players are somewhat comparable as far as their utilization within an offense and the amount of productivity they bring which means it is likely that the 49ers will ask for similar compensation for Samuel to be moved.

Saints send: Picks 16 (1st), 49 (2nd) & 161 (5th)

49ers send: WR Deebo Samuel

San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Dolphins gave up picks 29 (1st) & 50 (2nd) along with a fourth rounder this year, next year and an additional sixth next year. With the Saints already giving up pick 16 (1st), I believe giving up picks 49 (2nd) & 161 (5th) would be enough to unload Samuel. It would place the 49ers in a perfect position to upgrade at receiver in the first round and even in the second round if they wanted to. The Saints also don’t have the luxury to give up further compensation in future drafts either, which makes this the best offer the team can make.

It is very unlikely that the Saints would be interested in making this move, not because of Deebo Samuel’s ability but for the fact that it would come with a $25+ million-dollar contract that the team likely is not willing to pay. Of course, anything is possible in this league but I would not expect anything of this sort the way things stand today with the team.

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