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The Only Mock Draft You Need To See Before the NFL Draft tonight (skit)

Because you can never have enough mock drafts!

Hello all! It’s been awhile. I apologize for my absence. I’ve just been so busy watching our New Orleans Pelicans kick butt and spending hours on hours doing research to present you guys the best 2022 New Orleans Saints mock draft you will see.

Now I know you all are probably tired of mock drafts at this point but believe you me when I say this is THE mock draft of mock drafts. If the Saints can pull this draft off tonight, start booking your trip for Glendale, Arizona right now!

(Warning: Strong language)

I guess you can say...this made a mock of mock drafts! Eh? Eh??? See what I did there?!

Go Saints (and Pelicans) and here’s hoping for a great draft class tonight!

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