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Saints will have tough travel schedule for the 2022 season

The Saints will be flying a lot this season.

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament - Final Four - Previews Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints will travel the fifth-most out of any team in the 2022 season, traveling nearly 25,000 miles with 30-time zone changes this year. A large part of this is because they will be facing off with the Minnesota Vikings on October 2nd, at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. The distance from New Orleans to London is around 4,600 miles, flying down and back will be around 9,200 miles total. The Saints won't complain too much because they have had a ton of success when leaving the country.

The Saints will have to travel to Arizona, Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay, London, Cleveland, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Steelers on the other hand will travel the league-low 6,442 miles and even more impressive 0-time zone changes. The league leader on the other hand is the Seattle Seahawks with 29,446 miles and 34-time zone changes. A large part of that comes from the fact that there aren't as many teams on the west coast so Seattle has a higher chance to travel more often.

The Saints on the other hand are closer to a lot of other teams and have been dealt a difficult hand in terms of travel. The NFL schedule will start to be released throughout the week and slowly we will get the bigger picture of the Saints' schedule. The Saints can only hope for their travel to be spread out through the year and hope not to have many short weeks. Every season is important to have good team chemistry but this season especially the Saints will have a ton of time for team bonding on the airplane.