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Expect the Saints to put up points for your fantasy football league

Olave joins Thomas, while Kamara is still Kamara... and there’s more.

The new-look Saints look to have pieces that’ll bring back the old days offensively. After drafting Chris Olave (Ohio State), prime-time weapons are back in the mix.

With the arm talent and cannon of Jameis Winston coming back into the fold, the deep ball will be back and prominent in the offense. The return of Michael Thomas will command an energy that was often nonexistent over the course of last season. The addition of Olave gives Winston more opportunities to spread the ball around and not soley focus on Thomas.

With two studs at WR1/WR2, it’s a given that more points will be scored this year, on the scoreboard and for fantasy football owners. On top of that, Alvin Kamara is still a top 1-5 offensive player in all of football. Kamara does damage from everywhere and should be the focal point every year he’s on the field and healthy. Kamara takes the pressure off of Thomas/Olave, and vice versa. That trio of weapons makes things easier for Deonte Harty and Marquez Callaway, who took on the duties of WR1 & WR2 last season. This year gives those guys ample opportunities to play more freely, with not half of the responsibility they carried last year. Harty will still be a viable asset, available to take the top off of a defense at any given moment. The same applies to Callaway, but he’s more of a possession receiver. As defenses focus on the trio of studs previously alluded to, Harty and Callaway will be sleepers to do real damage throughout the year.

New Orleans has been top 3 defensively the past two years and I expect the same this year, with progression in the secondary and trenches. This team is now deeper at every level which could mean a historic year. That means more turnovers and less points allowed for your D/ST. That also means the offense will have more opportunities to light it up.

Kamara, Thomas, Olave, Jameis, Saints D/ST... New Orleans has options to go around for everyone interested in fantasy football, and it’d probably be your best bet to invest in the Saints.