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New Honey Badger shirt available to welcome Tyrann Mathieu back to New Orleans

Honey Badger don’t care, but you should care enough to go buy this shirt.

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Our friends over at BreakingT are at it again.

With the New Orleans Saints welcoming New Orleans native and former LSU star Tyrann Mathieu, excitement in the New Orleans fanbase is at an all-time high.

BreakingT, your home for real-time sports t-shirts is now officially licensed by the NFL Players Association, has brought this gem of a shit to commemorate the occasion. You can buy yours here!

For you eagle-eyed readers, yes, those are simply chat emojies and nothing specifically in reference to Tyrann Mathieu. But if you know anything about the player affectionately known as “the Honey Badger,” you know exactly what this shirt means.

BreakingT has made other Saints shirts in the past to commemorate other players, and hopefully this isn’t the last time BreakingT decides to put Tyrann Mathieu on one of their Saints-themed shirts.

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