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Saints release new black helmet for 2022 season

A new all-black helmet that the Saints will for a game(s) this season

It was announced this off-season that all 32 teams could have a different color alternate helmet. The New Orleans Saints chose black. It has been a very long time since we have had some new uniform news with the Saints. The most notable update was announcing the color rush jerseys for the first time. The Saints will wear these helmets for a game or more.

The all-black helmet for the Saints is new but the stripe down the middle covered in Fleur-de-Lis is original and looks great. The Saints showed that these helmets can go with any jersey combo by releasing pictures of Cam Jordan wearing the brand-new helmet in the Color Rush Jersey combo.

The combo of helmet and jersey surprisingly works well together. The obvious choice is to wear the helmet in the all-black jerseys. The Saints made an early statement showing this new black helmet can go with any jersey combo.

What jersey combo would you want to see with the new black helmet?

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