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Week 4 Prediction: New Orleans Saints vs Minnesota Vikings

The Saints travel Across the Pond to take on Kirk Cousins and the Vikings. The team breaks down the matchup.

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Matt: This is going to be such an entertaining game in my opinion.

A big question I have: how will jetlag affect these two teams?

For the New Orleans Saints, you have a young, high-powered offense and an elite defense. Not to mention starting the season 2-1. You’ve got confidence in this group that has a history of success in London.

But then there’s Minnesota.

Kirk Cousins is a heavily overrated quarterback, but when you add in weapons like Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, and Justin Jefferson and you have something.

This is going to be a very high-scoring affair with star-studded performances.

In the end, New Orleans overpowers the Vikings.

Score: Saints win 34-27

Chris: This is setting up to be a bad situation for the Saints.

New Orleans will be traveling overseas to “host” the Vikings in London, and the Vikings present a ton of problems for the Saints. The Vikings have one of the best young receivers in the NFL, former LSU start Justin Jefferson, alongside a reliable veteran in Adam Thielen. In the backfield, the Vikings have one of the NFL’s better running backs, Dalvin Cook.

Both offenses have the potential to put up points, and the Saints defense could be tired on the road despite this being a “home” game for New Orleans. The Saints defense should be better than the Vikings defense, but after series of tough games to start the season (three division games including one against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers), I could see the Saints coming up just short in a tight, high-scoring contest.

Score: Saints lose 37-34

Tina: Well, it was fun while it lasted.

The Saints go into this game undefeated when playing in London as well as undefeated on season at 3-0. Unfortunately, I think that all comes to an end this week. After 3 tough divisional games, traveling overseas is a little too much for the Saints to overcome. It will be a tough fought battle, but the Minnesota Vikings will hand the Saints their first loss by a field goal.

Score: Saints lose 30-27

Andrew: I think even though this isn’t a great matchup for the Saints, they find a way to win.

This definitely seems like a potentially high-scoring game, but I think it might be one where the Saints’ running game drains the clock and limits possessions a bit. Remember a couple of years ago when Alvin Kamara set the rushing touchdown record against the Minnesota defense on Christmas day? While that probably won’t happen again, I do think this Viking defense is still susceptible to the run up the middle and on zone schemes, which the Saints specialize in with AK and Mark Ingram.

With that being said, the Vikings are a bad matchup on the other side of the ball with Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson, because there’s only one Marshon Lattimore.

So, I think it’ll be a highly competitive game and one that Saints control through time of possession and play-count.

Score: Saints win 27-21

Hayden: This is a pick ‘em game for me, but I think the Saints will find a way to win it. The Saints defense will be the difference maker in this game, if they can hold the Vikings in check I believe the Saints offense will be able to score on the Vikings. The Vikings have one of the best receiving tandems in the NFL in Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen, and it will be up to the defensive backs to keep the Vikings from getting ahead early and taking Alvin Kamara out of the game.

We will get a good indication of how the Saints will do against top level receivers in Week 2 when they host Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. If this years new look defensive backfield is able to keep them under control they should be able to keep the Vikings from blowing this one open.

Score: Saints win 31-27

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