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When will Kamara’s suspension most likely happen?

Timing is everything!

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

It’s no secret what drama the star RB of New Orleans got himself involved in this past February in Las Vegas during Pro Bowl weekend. After this news hit the social media feeds, fans of the New Orleans Saints knew almost immediately that this would turn into a possible suspension for the offensive landmine known as Alvin Kamara.

AUTO: JUN 26 NASCAR Cup Series - Ally 400

Luck has never been on the side of the Saints when it comes to suspensions. In years past, the league has waited until midway through the season or when the team needs a player the most to suspend the individual. While I hope that this isn’t the case, I’m expecting the front office of the league to exhibit more of the same with this issue.

The more ideal option would be to have Kamara serve out his suspension at the beginning of the season, missing the first six games. This would put a Kamara return towards the middle or end of October possibly pending no further penalties are dished out towards the veteran RB.

NASCAR Cup Series Ally 400 Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images

What I believe could possibly and most likely will happen is that Kamara will start the season, fans will almost forget about it, and then midway through the season when the Saints are on a hot streak, tragedy will strike and fate will put Kamara on the shelf for 6 weeks, putting a damper on playoff hopes. Again, I hope this isn’t the case but if history is anything to go off of, the league is not on the side of the Saints.

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