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Update on Alvin Kamara legal situation

Alvin Kamara battery case delayed another two months.

NFL: New Orleans Saints Training Camp Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Alvin Kamara was in attendance for practice today, which meant he was absent from his court date regarding his battery case in Las Vegas. Kamara, Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons and the other two men who were involved in the case all did not appear in court on Monday, which means the next date will be delayed two months at least. All four men are facing charges of conspiracy to commit battery and battery with substantial bodily harm. The lawyers for all four asked the judge for 60 days to review the case, the lawyers made a similar request in April for more time to review the case.

With another delay in the case, it’s looking more likely that Alvin Kamara will be available for the beginning of the NFL season. The plan for Kamara's camp looks to be to push things off as much as they can.

Ironically, this is the day that NFLPA-approved judge Sue L. Robinson sentenced Deshaun Watson to a six-game suspension from the cases she was given. The NFL will have three days to appeal the length of the suspension.

For now, Alvin Kamara is in the clear, the hope is Kamara can play the full season. If he does get suspended at some point during the year it better be substantially less than Deshaun Watson ultimately receives, or Saints fans will riot.

Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas haven’t stepped on a field together in years and, but we could see a loaded New Orleans Saints offense on the field for week 1.

Dennis Allen had no updates on the situation for the media during his media availability on Monday.

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