CSC Da Chronic Pick'em League -- 2022 Season

Greetings CSC faithful !! I'm attempting to revive the Yahoo Fantasy Pro Pick'em League for Saints fans which was first established in 2008. The contest is to pick straight-up winners for weekly NFL games and assign confidence points to each pick. No point spreads involved, just straight-up winners. Each week tiebreaker involves score predictions. During the season your two lowest weekly scores will be dropped (so if you have a bad week or forget to make picks, you get a reprieve). The contest continues through the season and into the playoffs.

The league has had 20+ active players in past years, however participation has dropped off recently.

Let's get it going again, how bout it !! Good luck Who Dats !!

Due to lack of overall participation from CSC Nation, I'm disbanding this year's contest and will give up commissioner's seat.

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