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Important quotes after Saints preseason loss to Packers in Week 2

Chris Olave is looking good. Ian Book not so much...

New Orleans Saints v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Head coach Dennis Allen

On the loss generally:

“So, disappointed in the loss. Too many penalties, turned the ball over and we let them run the ball on us. And you can’t do that and expect to win. Doesn’t matter if it’s a preseason game, we’ve got to be better in those areas. That was disappointing to see all the penalties. It was disappointing to see we turned the ball over again, for the second straight week, so that’s got to get cleaned up. There were some positives in the game. Obviously, defensively we take the ball away there at the end of the first half; forced fumble and we end up getting the touchdown to end the first half. I thought that was good. It was good to see Will Lutz kick a 59-yarder. So, that was a positive in the game. Look, we’ve got to go back to work and keep getting better.”

On the return of Wil Lutz:

“Yeah, I think it’s big. I think it’s big. He had a good warmup session prior to the game. We knew going that direction we had a little bit of help with the wind. That’s why we called the timeout right before the quarter so we had the wind behind us so we could get a little help on the 59-yarder. And it was great to see him kick it through. Another positive step for him.”

On QB Ian Book’s performance:

“Look, I thought there were a couple good throws. It was a great throw at the end of the half to Olave. Hell of a route by Olave and a good throw for a touchdown. I thought he, for the most part, did a pretty good job of operating in the huddle, getting us in and out. I thought he did some nice things creating some plays with his feet. So those were the positives.”

On the play of special teams:

“Yeah, I thought we did some good things with the special teams units. The penalties were disappointing. We come right out after the third quarter, and we had talked about it in the locker room, the penalties. And we had a holding on the first punt return. I think we would have had the ball at about the 34-yard line; instead we started the drive at the 8. And so, those are really big plays in the game that you don’t really think about. It’s a huge difference starting on the 8-yard line and starting on the 34.”

On the progression of WR Chris Olave:

“I thought he took a real step forward this week and I thought he capped it off with a nice game today. And certainly the touchdown was a big play for us.”

On Malcolm Roach:

“Well, the roughing the passer can’t happen. Third-and-19, we’re going to be off the field and they end up extending the drive and it ended up being a touchdown drive. No different than when you turn the ball over; you can do a lot of really, really good things in the game, but those are critical plays in the game that end up costing you. So, we’ve got to be better in that area.”

QB Ian Book

On his play:

“I thought I did better. There were a few mistakes from last week that I really wanted to focus on. I just really wanted to go out there and have fun. Be more vocal than last week, and just lead these guys to a victory. We came up short, but I thought we did some good things, but we also hurt ourselves. That is what DA (head coach Dennis Allen) will make a huge point on; we can’t shoot ourselves in the foot with penalties. I’m a part of that. Penalties and turnovers. We have to fix them.”

On his touchdown pass to WR Chris Olave:

“The way they were playing it, he had to inside release and he was still able to expand, which is huge. I’m pretty sure on that, but I would need to watch the film. When I rolled out to the right, he did a great job of getting back on his landmark where he needs to be. He did a good job and we were on the same page so it worked out. It shows that his feel as a rookie is pretty special.”

On his fumble:

“There is no excuse for it. I have been playing football too long. Have to get that figured out; been working with a few centers, but that is part of it. That is preseason, and I just have to keep working on that.”

On WR Chris Olave:

“We see it day in and day out; his ability to get in and out of cuts and his routes. It is pretty special. It is hard to teach. He’s got it and he will build on it. Honestly, he is just fun to be out there with. He is a guy that is quiet, but he is having fun. He doesn’t think anyone can guard him, which is probably true. It is cool to see that confidence from a rookie.”