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[WATCH] Saints preseason finale vlog and see why we are the pettiest team in the world

No one out-petties New Orleans. No one!

Well, I’d say that went about as well as any preseason game that you can ask for. Offense looked great. Defense looked good. The injuries to a few players is less than ideal but you can only hope none are major.

Now I’m not one to put too much stock into preseason but... the Saints are going to the Super Bowl. Ok? They just are. I mean we’re even doing plays where we pretend to drop the ball so it can ricochet into another player’s hands, and we score a touchdown. The referees showed they were in midseason form though by calling that amazing play by the Saints dead...good to see some things never change.

But yeah, y’all know the rules. When the Saints look bad in preseason, “it’s just preseason”. When the Saints look good in preseason, “start booking your trips to the Super Bowl destination.”

So, I’ll see y’all in Glendale in February. Until then... enjoy the vlog from the New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Chargers game featuring some of the modifications to the Superdome and the elite pettiness of our team taking digs at the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers.

Poor Bucs... they can’t even get us to acknowledge them when we’re poking fun of NFC South teams.

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