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Week 7 Prediction: New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals

The Saints head out west for a Thursday night showdown.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Hopefully Kyler does his film study for this one.

All jokes aside, by Week 7, the New Orleans Saints should have the kinks worked out and be ready to roll through the back half of the schedule.

This matchup in particular is interesting because of how good the Cardinals CAN be. However, sketchy coaching and a star quarterback who supposedly doesn’t prepare as he should make for an intriguing Thursday night matchup.

Matt: Just watch the damn film, superstar.

I think this is another good opportunity for the Saints to play strong competition on a big stage and figure out just where your strengths and weaknesses are.

This was the point of the season last year where Jameis went down, but I don’t see that happening again.

Saints come out hot from the start, with MT, Olave, and Kamara all getting involved. Big lead for the Black & Gold at half.

But that’s when Kyler goes to work.

Murray is a guy that can make plays with his feet just as well as his arms, and I could see him making some plays to put them back in the game.

Arizona makes a comeback late, but the Dome Patrol 2.0 keeps them at bay just enough to survive.

Score: Saints win 38-34

Jalen: This is an interesting matchup, as I believe Arizona could be a little better than they were last year. They’re pretty deep on both sides. Still... New Orleans should handle business.

Pete Carmichael gets AK involved early, on the ground and out of the backfield. Olave will have found his stride well before this game - He could have one of those nights, as Arizona’s secondary may be their weak link. That means more opportunities for MT in open space. Those three establish dominance throughout the game, and the defense matches the execution as always. All bias aside I don’t see a team with a higher ceiling than New Orleans, and I expect more wins than most people, even our fans.

Score: Who Dat, 31-17. W.

Chris: I just see this one as a convincing Saints win. By this point in the season, the Saints should know exactly the caliber of team they are on offense and should be able to find some momentum. I predicted the Saints beat the Bengals the week before and should be feeling pretty good about themselves right about now.

Running quarterbacks like Kyler Murray have historically given the Saints defense trouble, but the Saints were able to take care of Kyler back in 2019 in such a dominant fashion that Kyler was given the fourth off with Brett Hundley finishing the game at quarterback.

Granted, this time the Saints won’t have Drew Brees at quarterback, but I still think the Saints offense could be just as good as the 2019 squad, so I’ll predict something close to the 2019 final:

Score: Saints win 28-10

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