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NFL Picks Week 2: Just Another Sunday

Week 1 featured some fantastic games and wild finishes. Now we set our sights on Week 2 of the 2022 NFL Season.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their second of three consecutive divisional games to start the season. The Saints had the fourth quarter of a lifetime in stealing victory from Atlanta and claiming it as their own, once again making fools of their NFC South arch-rivals. Now they face another division rival. Another, as in one of many. Three to be exact, but not the main rival. Actually, the least of the three.

As much as all four Bucs fans are desperate for the Saints to be their arch rivals, its simply not happening. The only rivals the Bucs have are the people who refuse to go to their games when Brady isn't on the roster. Those folks should just move on to pestering Carolina fans into being their rivals and staying out of Who Dat Nation’s way. For the Saints and their fans, this is just another Sunday against another division opponent. Another win closer to achieving the Saints’ goal of reclaiming the NFC South crown.

Last week I went 8-8 (I count ties as losses)

I told you so: Giants over Titans!

What do I know: Panthers over Browns?


Thursday, September 15th - Thursday Night Football

Chargers(1-0) at Chiefs(1-0)

Justin Herbert and the Chargers have consistently played the Chiefs better than any team in the NFL has, going 2-2 in their last 4 meetings, losing both at home in OT but winning in the last 2 games in Kansas City. This should be a fantastic game and the Bolts will find a way to win at Arrowhead again. Los Angeles wins 34-27.

Pick: Chargers


Sunday, September 18th - Early Games

Dolphins(1-0) at Ravens(1-0)

The defenses will be the surprise standout units in this game, but the Miami defense comes through in a big way by stopping the Baltimore rushing attack. Miami wins 19-10.

Pick: Dolphins


Jets(0-1) at Browns(1-0)

Cleveland will wear down the Jets with old school football featuring stout defense and a bruising rushing attack. Cleveland wins 26-12.

Pick: Browns


Commanders(1-0) at Lions(0-1)

Washington’s defense will struggle slowing down Detroit’s ground game in this one. Detroit wins 26-23.

Pick: Lions


Colts(0-0-1) at Jaguars(0-1)

Indianapolis has no one to blame but themselves for failing to seal a win last week. They will fail to reach the win column here in Jacksonville as well. Jacksonville wins 21-17.

Pick: Jaguars


Panthers(0-1) at Giants(1-0)

The Giants’ defense will outclass Carolina’s unit in this matchup. Saquan Barkley will dominate on the ground, leading the G-Men to a second-straight victory. New York wins 28-22.

Pick: Giants


Patriots(0-1) at Steelers(1-0)

This game will be far from pretty, and both teams will have their fair share of struggles, but this rivalry will produce another close game. Once again, Pittsburgh will do just enough to pull out a close victory. Pittsburgh wins 24-17.

Pick: Steelers


Buccaneers(1-0) at Saints(1-0)

We have our fun laughing at the pathetic and needy nature of the Bucs’ “fanbase”, but one thing that isn't pathetic is the Bucs’ roster. Despite crushing injuries, especially along the offensive line, Tampa is still the team that will be chasing the Saints in the division throughout the season. The Saints may be dominant against the Bucs in the Brady era, but the games played in the Superdome have been far more competitive than the steamrolling the Saints have handed out in Tampa. The Saints are 2-1 at home against Brady and all three games have been close, most recently with a thrilling pick-six sealing the victory early last season.

The Saints simply cannot afford to play as poorly as they did in the first three quarters a week ago, as they would be sure to see the end of their streak against Tampa with that type of effort. No doubt, the Saints will be well prepared to face Tom Brady and company and will need to find success by applying pressure to Tampa’s depleted offensive line. The key to this game lies in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Despite all the offensive star power on both sides, most notably, Michael Thomas, Chris Olave, Jarvis Landry, and those other guys from Tampa, it will be the team that best attacks the opposing quarterback while protecting their own that wins. That team will once again be the Saints. It’ll be too close for anyone’s liking, but the Saints pull out another victory. Saints win 30-27.

Pick: Saints


Sunday, September 18th - Late Games

Falcons(0-1) at Rams(0-1)

The Rams were the most dreadful-looking team in the NFL in Week 1, but the reigning champs have their “get right” game here, thanks to a big game from Matthew Stafford and the LA passing attack. Atlanta continues to do Atlanta things. Los Angeles wins 35-12.

Pick: Rams


Seahawks(1-0) at 49ers(0-1)

Geno Smith leads Seattle to another improbable victory, as San Francisco fails to get their passing game off the ground in this close contest. Seattle wins 29-22.

Pick: Seahawks


Bengals(0-1) at Cowboys(0-1)

Cincinnati rebounds from their disappointing Week 1 loss by clobbering the Cowboys. Meanwhile, Dallas accelerates their “Countdown to Sean Payton” clock after another ugly loss. Cincinnati wins 32-10.

Pick: Bengals


Texans(0-0-1) at Broncos(0-1)

After a week of second-guessing and wondering what happened in Seattle, Russell Wilson leads Denver to a close home win over Houston. Denver wins 28-21.

Pick: Broncos


Cardinals(0-1) at Raiders(0-1)

A week after getting throttled by one AFC West team, Arizona falls to another in Las Vegas, thanks to Derek Carr and Davante Adams taking advantage of the Cardinals defense. Las Vegas wins 23-21.

Pick: Raiders


Sunday Night Football

Bears(1-0) at Packers(0-1)

Green Bay looked flat-out dreadful in Week 1, while Chicago looked plucky and aggressive. The thing is, Aaron Rodgers admittedly owns the Bears, and despite having literally no weapons to use against them, he will continue that ownership in this game. Green Bay wins 35-22.

Pick: Packers


Monday, September 19th - Monday Night Football Doubleheader

Titans(0-1) at Bills(1-0)

Buffalo was outright dominant in their season-opening win, while Tennessee was unsurprisingly unspectacular in their loss last week. Those two looks continue in this matchup of two of last year’s AFC division winners. Buffalo wins 24-19.

Pick: Bills


Vikings(1-0) at Eagles(1-0) - Game of the Week

This game will be another standout performance from AJ Brown, as Philadelphia and Minnesota end Week 2 with a bang. Ultimately, Minnesota’s defense won’t be able to make the stops their offense desperately needs them to make in the end. Philadelphia wins 31-29.

Pick: Eagles


That’s how I see it, tell us how you see Week 2 playing out. Leave your comments and insight below. Who Dat!