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Important quotes after the Saints loss include criticism of late turnovers

That third quarter fumble can’t happen.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Head Coach Dennis Allen

On Marshon Lattimore’s ejection:

“He (Mike Evans) was the first one to push and shove Lattimore, but I’ve been around this league long enough; usually they don’t get the instigator, they usually get the responder. I think what happened after that was a little bit excessive so we will see how that goes.”

On whether it looked like Jameis Winston’s back was affecting his play:

“No I didn’t really see that, necessarily. Again, that is probably a question for him a little bit more. That is a good defense that we played. They do a pretty good job in terms of their rush coverage and some of their pressure packages, so we will get back and look at the tape and see where we can improve. There are a couple of throws we missed that he typically wouldn’t. We will have to evaluate the tape and see.”

On Mark Ingram’s fumble:

“That was a game-changer I think the ball was on 10-yard line at that point in time and we were in a good position with how we were playing defense that if we were able to put some points on the board; I think there was a minute to go in the third quarter when that happened so I thought that was a momentum changer in the game.”

QB Jameis Winston

On the missed connections to Chris Olave:

“I missed him. Man, I just got to hit it, I got to hit it. When you have opportunities like that, you got to hit them. Especially in this league, this game is a game of inches. Chris did a great job of creating separation and getting open, but I get better. Those are going to be touchdowns real soon.”

On whether he thought his injury affected his play:

“Well, I think that I do a better job of protecting the football. That is the most important thing. And when we get in those situations, when you play against a good team like that, whoever wins the turnover battle is going to win. Coach said it - win the turnover battle, you win this game. When this team has won the turnover battle, we won the game. When that team has one the turnover battle, they won the game.”

DB Tyrann Mathieu

On Lattimore’s ejection:

“Obviously, he is one of the better cornerbacks in this league. For the majority of the game, guys weren’t able to catch balls on him. I think that’s a tactic that guys will use playing against him to get him out of his game. I think in that moment we all kind of have to respond.”

On the play of the defense:

“I thought we played really well. I mean obviously you always want a few plays back. Anytime you play this quarterback you have to put him away early or he’ll find a way to make one of those types of plays.

RB Mark Ingram

On his fumble:

“I have to take protect the football at all costs. We were going in to take control of the game. That was the turning point. I had the ball high and tight and I think it was a punch. Whatever the circumstance is, whatever the situation. I have to protect the football. That’s my job. It’s something that I take pride in, but I’m accountable. I have to do better. We were going in to take control of the game and that can’t happen.”

On the offense’s frustrations:

“Obviously, we are frustrated. We know what we are capable of doing. We have to do a better job of all the small details and making sure Jameis (Winston) is protected and making sure we can get the ball downfield to our receivers. We have to improve and continue to detail all of that stuff, so we can transfer it to the game.”