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NFL Week 2 power rankings

Comebacks reign supreme in a fluky Week 2

Arizona Cardinals v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

1. Buffalo Bills (2-0)

Previous ranking: 1

Back to back blowouts over good teams leaves no doubt that Bills are the class of the NFL currently. Not much more you can say about outscoring two 12+ win teams from last season 72-17.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (2-0)

Previous ranking: 2

The Chiefs looked impressive against the division rival Chargers on Thursday night, and Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City offense look like they haven’t skipped a beat without Tyreek Hill.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-0)

Previous ranking: 3

The Bucs defense looks like it could be the top unit in the NFL, as they held down Jameis Winston and the Saints offense the whole afternoon en route to a 20-10 victory. Say what you want about them but they’re the top of the NFC until further notice.

4. Miami Dolphins (2-0)

Previous ranking: 10

A breakout game from Tua and a massive comeback against a very good Ravens team has the Dolphins keeping pace in the AFC East at 2-0. Their biggest regular season game in years is on the schedule next week as they welcome the Bills to Miami.

5. Los Angeles Chargers (1-1)

Previous ranking: 4

A close loss to the Chiefs is a reminder that the Chargers still have a roadblock in front of them in the AFC West. They are still one of the most talented teams in the NFL, but let’s hope they can stay healthy going forward.

6. Philadelphia Eagles (2-0)

Previous ranking: 11

Jalen Hurts is officially an above average NFL QB. Now that the Eagles finally have a top WR in AJ Brown the offense is flowing under Hurts while Darius Slay and the Eagles defense also looks like one of the more solid units in football.

7. Los Angeles Rams (1-1)

Previous ranking: 6

The Rams got their bounce back win on Sunday, but almost blowing a 28-3 lead against the Falcons of all teams is not a good look.

8. Baltimore Ravens (1-1)

Previous ranking: 5

The Ravens looked like a top 5 team through three quarters on Sunday, but the total collapse in the fourth quarter means this team still has some things to figure out before they can contend for a title.

9. Green Bay Packers (1-1)

Previous ranking: 9

Another team that got a bounce back win against lesser competition, the Packers still need to beat a good team before they can be considered a top 2 team in the NFC

10. San Francisco 49ers (1-1)

Previous ranking: 16

Trey Lance’s devastating injury could be good for the short-term goals of the 49ers. Lance did not look ready yet in the time we saw him play, and Jimmy G can lead this team to the playoffs, but their long-term goals took a heavy blow with Lance now missing an entire year of development.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (0-2)

Previous ranking: 7

The Bengals are teetering on the edge of being out of the top 16. Two close losses and a belief in Joe Burrow keeps them here for now, but a loss to the Jets next week and you might be hitting the panic button if you live in Cincinnati.

12. Denver Broncos (1-1)

Previous ranking: 13

If there is such a thing as an embarrassing win we may have just seen on from the Broncos. Russell Wilson has not looked like himself and Nate Hackett has cornered the market on dumb decisions. I think they will turn it around as the offense gains a rhythm, but the clock is ticking.

13. Arizona Cardinals (1-1)

Previous ranking: 18

Well that’s why you pay a guy like Kyler Murray. The Cardinal’s QB practically willed the team to a comeback win over the Raiders in what was already a hugely important game for them as they avoid the 0-2 start.

14. New Orleans Saints (1-1)

Previous ranking: 12

The Saints defense will keep them in almost every game they play, but the offense has got to get it going otherwise we could be looking at another season with no playoffs.

15. Minnesota Vikings (1-1)

Previous ranking: 8

The Vikings offense was held in check by Kirk Cousins on MNF. Cousins is historically terrible in primetime games, so this could just be more in that same pattern, but this was not a good look following a dominant Week 1.

16. New England Patriots (1-1)

Previous ranking: 22

The Pats got up off the mat of their Week 1 loss to Miami by beating an always tough Steelers team. Nelson Agholor and Jakobi Meyers’ big days were enough to squeak by Pittsburgh without TJ Watt.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1)

Previous ranking: 15

Najee Harris hits the hole worse than a virgin, and Mitch Trubisky couldn’t even complete a pass throwing beads off a rooftop at Mardi Gras, TJ Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick deserve better.

18. Las Vegas Raiders (0-2)

Previous ranking: 14

The Raiders game this week against the Titans feels like an elimination game already. Statistically speaking teams that start 0-3 almost never make the playoffs, and after blowing a big lead to Arizona the Raiders are staring that prospect right in the face.

19. Tennessee Titans (0-2)

Previous ranking: 17

Next week will be a real litmus test for this team. If they are able to bounce back from a humbling loss to the Bills they may find themselves just a half game back in their division. If they fold again and fall to 0-3 we may be seeing the beginning of the end for this era of Titan football.

20. Indianapolis Colts (0-1-1)

Previous ranking: 19

The Colts loss on the road to the Jaguars was just more of the same for this team. They have not won in Jacksonville since Reggie Wayne was still on the team. The weakness of the AFC South means this team can still get it going and make the playoffs, but I could equally see this team dropping their next 3 games before their rematch with the Jags.

21. Cleveland Browns (1-1)

Previous ranking: 20

The Browns will never be more embarrassing on the football field then how they were in the offseason, but their collapse against the Jets came pretty close as they allowed 14 points in under 2 minutes to Joe Flacco.

22. New York Giants (2-0)

Previous ranking: 26

Major props to the Giants for starting 2-0 and keeping pace with Philly in the NFC East. If they manage to beat the Cowboys and Bears in the next two weeks, which is entirely possible, this team could prove to be a threat to the Eagles and not just a team beating not so great competition out of the gate.

23. Dallas Cowboys (1-1)

Previous ranking: 25

A good win against the Bengals proves they aren’t quite done yet, but just how far they can go with a backup QB remains to be seen.

24. Detroit Lions (1-1)

Previous ranking: 28

Any win for Detroit is going to be a good win at this point in their development. Now against Minnesota they have a chance to prove they have turned a corner and are ready to break into the top 20.

25. Washington Commanders (1-1)

Previous ranking: 21

The Commanders could easily fall to the bottom 5 in the league if we get to Week 6 and all they have to show for themselves is a win over the lowly Jags.

26. Chicago Bears (1-1)

Previous ranking: 24

The Bears took a step backwards against the hated Packers on Sunday night. Justin Fields isn’t quite there yet as their passing offense has been non-existent through two weeks.

27. Seattle Seahawks (1-1)

Previous ranking: 23

The Seahawks also came back down to earth a bit in Week 2, as the offense was unable to get anything going at all against the 49ers.

28. New York Jets (1-1)

Previous ranking: 32

The Jets stunning win over the Browns can be a building point for them, but it remains to be seen whether or not that game says more about the Jets or Browns this season.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1)

Previous ranking: 30

This was a good win for the Jags, but I’ll believe in them when they beat a team that hasn’t accounted for 3 of their 5 wins since 2020. I could easily see this team winning only one or two more games this year.

30. Houston Texans (0-1-1)

Previous ranking: 29

The Texans pushed the Broncos to the limit Sunday, but were unable to finish it off and now find themselves looking like the worst team in the division after the Jags were somehow able to beat the Colts yet again.

31. Carolina Panthers (0-2)

Previous ranking: 27

Another close loss means the Panthers now face the Saints in Week 3 in search of their first win. If they fall again we could see them with a top 3 pick come April.

32. Atlanta Falcons (0-2)

Previous ranking: 31

Almost, Atlanta... almost.

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