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[WATCH] The referees vs the Saints is the greatest rivalry in the NFL

They’re not even hiding it anymore.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The refs don’t even hide it anymore. Look, I’m not saying that we lost to the Bucs because of the refs, not at all, but... they didn’t help things. I tried to get over it but honestly, the refs seem to be making their bias against the New Orleans Saints more obvious with each passing game/season. Did y’all even see how the refs come out when they “play” the Saints???

Now that’s just ridiculous!!!!


The Bucs loss was like our last loss (only one in 3 years until Sunday btw) to them: defense playing lights out but our offense stumbling on their own feet and letting Tom and crew hang around only to end up fumbling the momentum away and letting Brady find the one opening he needed (this time thanks to yet another Mike Evans-caused fight) to put the Bucs up. Then, just like Drew in the playoffs, the QB (Winston this time) started pressing and the Bucs defense wrapped the game up for them. Glass half full, maybe this means we got the loss to the Bucs out the way now rather than in January. Here’s hoping we are actually playing in January though!

Enjoy the vlog from the game and the postgame press conference from Saints players and... fans(?)

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