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Overreactions from the Saints 20-10 Loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After a frustrating defeat to the Bucs lets breakdown some overreactions.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Dramatic and heated are just two words to describe the New Orleans Saints 20-10 defeat at home to the Buccaneers as for the majority of this game it was 3-3, until the 4th quarter started, and this offense fell completely apart. Not to mention the big fight between Marshon Lattimore and Mike Evans resulted in both guys getting ejected seemed to give Tampa Bay the boost it needed to pull away with the victory. Let's take a look at some of my hot takes after this game.

The Saints should consider trading for defensive line help.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

This hasn’t changed from Week 1 much, however I thought for 3 quarters the offensive line looked much better considering how bad they looked last week and the considering the defense they played in Tampa Bay it was certainly an improvement. I can’t say the same about the defensive line sadly. They rushed 4 most of the game which in the past has worked against Brady and this offense, however this was not the case Sunday as the front seven did look much better in the run game they looked stumped in passing downs as they met an offensive line that was down 4 starters and even lost the starting backup tackle early in the game. 3 quarterback hits and 1 sack (which was a coverage sack) simply won’t be enough to get the job done week in and week out. If the Saints are going to be considered serious contenders finding some help through the trade market may not be a bad idea.

Jamies Winston needs to sit

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

What it simply comes down to is the fact that Jamies Winston had the tools to win this game. The offensive line looked much better, they ran the ball at their own will, the receivers were getting open, and for the majority of this game it was tied or a one score game. Then we saw some old tendencies of Jamies Winston, him staring down receivers, forcing passes that he should not have passed, holding onto the ball way too long, something unexpected was the inaccurate deep ball. In particular the targets to Chris Olave, Winston had 3 deep passes to Olave. Two were overthrown when he had a step and the other was underthrown, which was the first of his three interceptions. Before the game, Jay Glazer reported that Jamies Winston is playing with 4 fractures in his back. Now it’s been reported it’s just a pain tolerance thing and the injury can’t get worse. After seeing him play Sunday, it’s obvious he isn’t 100% and should be resting until he’s fully healthy to go. As Chris Dunnells mentioned in his piece, the Saints have Andy Dalton just for this reason so give him some starts now while the schedule is still soft and let Jamies rest up until he is ready to come back.

The fumble wasn’t the turning point

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

I get where people are suggesting the Mark Ingram fumble was the turning point in this game just as Jared Cook’s fumble was in the 2020 NFL playoffs. I just don’t believe that is the case here in this particular game. For me, the turning point in this game had to be the Evans and Lattimore brawl that got both of them kicked out. You saw Tampa Bay respond to that situation and flip it into an extra gear (not to mention some questionable calls) and New Orleans just fell apart at the seams. Playing undisciplined football and going into panic mode on offense, ultimately worked out in Tampa’s favor. Not to mention we were still tied at 3 with a whole quarter left to play the offense so the Saints had their chances after that fumble.

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