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Potential Saints 2023 draft prospects to watch for: Week 4

Who are some of the prospects that could land a spot on the Saints’ 2023 draft board?

NCAA Football: Missouri at Kentucky Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

After three weeks of the NCAAF season, some of the nation’s top talent is starting to emerge on radars for the 2023 NFL draft.

Scouting future Saints is difficult this time of year, as they have yet to give any serious indications of how they will finish this season (perhaps that will change after Sunday’s game against Carolina). Over the 2022 offseason, the New Orleans Saints and the Philadelphia Eagles orchestrated a massive pick trade, which unfortunately took away the Saints’ 2023 draft pick.

Here are some of the prospects that could be available in the second round that could potentially fill some of the holes on the Saints’ roster.

  1. Kenneth Horsey - Guard, Kentucky

Horsey and the Wildcats have entered the top 10 after an impressive 3-0 start. Horsey is a senior and a team captain and has emerged as a critical piece on a powerful UK line. His draft stock is rising, hopefully not too high if the Saints decide another guard needs to be added to the lineup.

2. Henry To’Oto’O - Linebacker, Alabama

To’Oto’O is one of the premiere talents on this Alabama defense, however, with all of the stars on this unit, he could slip into the second round. The Crimson Tide start their SEC schedule this week against Vanderbilt, which should be a feast for the senior California-native

3. Demani Richardson - Safety, Texas A&M

Richardson was on my list a couple of weeks ago, and I still think he could be a viable option for the Saints secondary. The Aggies have struggled early, but his senior leadership could be a huge factor as the Aggies play in a massive game against no. 10 ranked Arkansas this week at home.

4. Siaki Ika - Defensive Lineman, Baylor

Ika is projected to be a second rounder for the 2023 draft, and after two lackluster performances from their defensive line, the Saints may want to consider a solid prospect like him. The Baylor Bears will be on the road against conference foes Iowa State this week, which should be a good test for Ika.

5. Devin Leary - Quarterback, North Carolina State

I’m not on the “give up on Jameis train” in the slightest, but I’m sure some people disagree, so here’s a quarterback that should be available in the second or third round. Leary and the Wolfpack play against UConn this week, and he should have a performance that continues to lift his no. 12 ranked Wolfpack even higher in the polls.

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