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2 takeaways as Saints fall to Panthers

What this game says about the future prospects of the team

NFL: SEP 25 Saints at Panthers Photo by David Jensen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

1. It’s time to bench Jameis Winston

The Saints offense has been stagnant all year, and Jameis has already thrown more interceptions through three games than he did in seven last season. Either he still isn’t fully healthy yet or he has lost confidence and can’t get on the same page with these receivers. Some change needs to be made, either at the quarterback position or with the overall scheme of the offense. Andy Dalton looked as good as you can during the preseason, and is far better than any backup the Saints trotted out last season, he at least deserves a shot to compete for the starting job right now.

2. This team must start faster

The Saints were shutout through the first three quarters of the game and found themselves playing from behind all day. This same problem has plagued them all season, as they have scored 13 combined points in quarters 1-3 and 38 combined points in fourth quarters this season. It’s good that they are able to score late and make attempts at comebacks, but being unable to score consistently has gotten them in trouble in all three games as they are just one Falcons choke away from being 0-3 for the first time since 2016. This is on Pete Carmichael and the offensive coaching staff to draw up some plays for the offense to get them into a groove out of the gate, because so far the Saints have looked flat in every game until the fourth quarter.

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