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5 questions before Week 4 vs. the Minnesota Vikings

Biggest questions before the Saints play in London.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints aren’t in panic mode yet, but they are getting close heading into week four. We all anticipated a quick start to the season with a favorable schedule, but we have seen the opposite. The Saints are now 1-2 on the season and looking at a must-win game in the face.

Who will play QB this weekend?

The answer is Jameis Winston, whether that is the right answer or not is yet to be seen. Winston is dealing with a back and ankle injury that kept him out of practice Wednesday which brought up the question if another QB (Andy Dalton) would be in line to start. It is expected though that Winston will be ready to go, if the poor play at QB continues a change at some point will need to be made. But for now, it is Winston's job.

Can the defensive line start to generate some pressure?

The Saints’ defense has been good and last game they did generate more pressure and sacks than in the past. But the defensive line has played to the level we hoped it would. They only have four sacks in three games and are one of three teams without an interception. But they are still locking down offenses so there isn't a huge concern.

Will we see first-half offensive production from the Saints?

I have no idea, I hope so. The Vikings’ defense has been a very leaky unit so this would be the game to finally break through and sustain some early offensive drives. If they can’t figure out how to score some first-half points it will be hard to find a way to win in London

Will the Saints be able to slow down Justin Jefferson?

Yes, Marshon Lattimore has been great against Justin Jefferson. JJ is even quoted as saying Lattimore is the best CB he’s gone up against. Jefferson started the season hot with 184 yards but since has only had 48 and 14-yard games in his past two.

Is this a must-win game for the Saints?

Every game in the NFL is a must-win game but this game feels like to avoid panic and drama they want to win. 2-2 looks a lot better than 1-3 and the Saints are great in the mouth of October. The urgency for a win is a lot higher than it should be right now.

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