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Jarvis Landry will be Ol’ Reliable for Jameis this year

Expect Landry to be a stabilizing force in the receiving core this season, availability- and performance-wise.

NFL: New Orleans Saints Training Camp Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off of what was probably the worst season of his career, I think some people are forgetting just how good of a security blanket receiver Jarvis Landry is.

A myriad of factors contributed to a down year for Landry in 2021 where he only racked up a career-low 570 receiving yards and two touchdowns – including injuries, poor quarterback play and a generally sloppy situation with the Cleveland Browns offense. But I think if you look past those outlying factors, Landry remains a 29-year-old pass catcher who’s still got it in the slot.

And we saw a minimal glimpse of what he brings to the table in the New Orleans Saints’ last preseason game against the Los Angeles Chargers. In only three pass play snaps that he was in the game for, he found holes in the zone for two catches and 35 yards over the middle of the field. This is something he’s been doing his entire career.

Throughout his eight-year career thus far, Landry has played 67% of his snaps in the slot and he’s had at least 950 receiving yards in five of those eight seasons – over 1,100 in three of them.

He’s always made his most money in between the numbers and 0-20 yards down the field.

Despite not being the fastest guy as far as straight-line speed, he’s very jittery and agile. And he understands defender leverage as a route runner extremely well.

The dude is just a professional at consistently finding ways to get open.

Whether it’s on deep crosser against zone coverage where he finds voids against zone coverage, option routes or deceptively setting up his routes against man coverage to gain an advantage on his defender, he has a deep bag of tricks to make himself available to his QB.

It’s no accident why he’s gotten at least 100 targets in six of his eight seasons in the NFL.

He’s also extremely tough and reliable. He’s never had a PFF drop grade of under 69.6 and has had above a 75 grade in six seasons. He’s only dropped 39 passes on 980 regular season targets in his career. Oh, and he’s never missed more than five games in a season.

For all of these reasons, I think he’ll be a very popular target for Jameis Winston this season.

Obviously if he can stay healthy, Michael Thomas will be hoarding the lion’s share of the targets in this offense, as he should. But due to his injury history, as well as rookie Chris Olave’s inexperience, Landry is so valuable as a proven and sturdy option for Winston to always have in his back pocket if all else fails.

Jarvis isn’t necessarily a big-play receiver, and he won’t knock your socks off with his athleticism or power. But I’m very excited to see how he’s utilized in an offense that is suddenly oozing with talent.

I wouldn’t rule out another 1,000-yard season for the veteran wideout if things fall into place correctly.

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