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CSC Staff Picks Week 1: Saints one of many teams expected to take care of business

There are a lot of unevenly-matched quarterbacks facing each other this week.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Edward M. Pio Roda/Getty Images

The NFL regular season is almost upon us, and so too returns the staff here at Canal Street Chronicles making their predictions for each week’s slate of games.

For the New Orleans Saints, it’s a clean sweep across the board with the entire staff expecting the Saints to take care of business against the rival Atlanta Falcons. Other unanimous games include the Indianapolis Colts over the Houston Texans, the Cincinnati Bengals over the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Tennessee Titans over the New York Giants, and the Denver Broncos over the Seattle Seahawks.

The recurring theme there appears to be strong quarterback play. When the quality of quarterback appears lopsided (i.e. Joe Burrow vs. Mitchell Trubisky or Russell Wilson vs. Drew Lock), our staff is opting for the proven winner. On the other hand, when the QB talent is equally good (Matthew Stafford vs. Josh Allen) or equally bad (Carson Wentz vs Trevor Lawrence), our staff is divided.

With the return of our staff picks comes the return of having a reader here from CSC join us. This week, it’s @mason_nunezz from Twitter who wants to see how he compares to our staff.

Mason’s picks this week are: Saints, 49ers, Bengals, Eagles, Dolphins, Commanders, Panthers, Colts, Titans, Chiefs, Raiders, Buccaneers, Ravens, Vikings, and Broncos.

We’ll keep up with the cumulative reader score each week and see how they compare to the Canal Street Chronicles staff.

Let’s hope everyone, including Mason, is right this week about the Saints, though.

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