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Saints should get Kamara help at the RB position in 2023

Time to elevate in the off season!

New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams, 2019 NFC Championship Set Number: X162436 TK1

Since his 2017 rookie season, Alvin Kamara has been running up and down the field for the New Orleans Saints in game changing fashion. For years, Kamara has been a big reason why the Saints have been in playoff contention during his tenure with the team up to this point. With over 5,000 rushing yards for his career, Kamara is a force to be reckoned with in the backfield.

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

With all of that being said, Kamara still needs a significant RB2 that can take some of the load off of his back. With injuries a common theme in today’s league, the Saints need to go after more significant depth in the RB room. While the addition of Mark Ingram II initially garnered excitement for the sake of nostalgia, he underproduced in key moments, one of which being a game changing play in a crucial division game against Tampa Bay.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Adopting a formula from Dallas

With the 2023 NFL Draft approaching in the coming months, the Saints have an opportunity to try and better their offense by adding young talent that can begin to flourish as time goes on. An example of this that has had success for another team would be the Dallas Cowboys. Ezekiel Elliot in his veteran years has not produced the same explosive plays as he once did in the beginning of his career. The addition of Tony Pollard has not only given Dallas depth in the RB room but also allows Zeke to focus more on gaining 1st down yardage on 3rd and 1 situations, opportunities to score in the red zone, and other short yardage gains while Pollard can thrive as the individual with explosive plays coming out of the backfield.

NFL: JAN 01 Saints at Eagles Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Whether the Saints get Kamara some help or not, he’s still one of the better RB’s in the league. He will still produce in the 2023 season and continue to put the Saints in a better position to win than they’d be in without him. However, the career span of any RB in the NFL producing at a high level is not a long one. The Saints should look at prolonging Kamara’s career by lightening his load and getting him a young RB that he can guide during this stage of his already stellar career.

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