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Marshon Lattimore, Welcome Back

In a season full of up’s and down’s Marshon Lattimore returned and had the play of the year.

New Orleans Saints v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

We could easily point the finger in almost any direction during the 2022 New Orleans Saints season and say well XYZ happened we are making the playoffs. With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning yesterday against the Panthers they have won the division, and with the Green Bay Packers winning and keeping their hopes alive the Saints hope has run out officially being eliminated from the playoffs. Sure, if the team holds their own against the Bucs a few weeks ago and doesn’t have the meltdown they did or if they simply beat Baker Mayfield and bad (and totally different) Panthers team in week 2 then maybe things are different. If Marshon Lattimore doesn’t get hurt does that change our season? Who knows, all we do know is that seeing Lattimore back in the lineup is a welcomed presence and seemed to make an immediate impact on the defense.

Lattimore grabs a pick six in his first game back from injury and arguably had the play of the season for the Saints. Lattimore is the only Saints corner to record an interception so far with one more game to go. Lattimore played in all 55 defensive snaps showing he if fully good to go after suffering a lacerated kidney during a home game in week 5 against the Seattle Seahawks. Just watching the game, you can instantly tell Lattimore made a tremendous impact. Lattimore finished the game with 6 total tackles, 2 pass deflections, and one interception returned for a touchdown. While Alontae Taylor and Paulson Adebo have filled in admirbaly, but having your #1 shutdown corner will always make your defense that much better.

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