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Saints Reacts Survey, Week 18: Should the Saints sell their souls?

Would you welcome Tom Brady to the Saints?

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints have more questions than answers as they prepare for the 2023 offseason, and none are more pressing than who leads the team moving forward.

Will Dennis Allen return as the head coach of the Saints? Who will be the quarterback? Could Jameis Winston stay? Could Andy Dalton return?

To me there are really only two coach-quarterback options for the Saints in 2023.

Dennis Allen has done enough these past few games where the front office is likely able to talk themselves into keeping him in 2023. So who does Allen choose as his quarterback? He’s clearly soured on Winston and Dalton isn’t under contract next season. But there is a quarterback who he previously drafted as a head coach who will likely be available as a free agent: Derek Carr. The Las Vegas Raiders are likely going to release Carr this offseason after benching him late in the year, meaning he’ll be prime for the picking for Dennis Allen. I view this as the most likely coach-QB duo for 2023.

But there is a coach out there who the Saints front office might be willing to hire in place of D.A., even if that means firing Allen all together despite the team’s recent surge, and that is Sean Payton himself. Sean Payton’s team has not been secretive about the fact that he and Tom Brady would enjoy playing with each other, and considering that Brady probably doesn’t have many years left in the tank, 2023 might be the final hoo-rah. If Sean Payton is serious about returning, pending free agent Tom Brady might be the top option for him at quarterback. I view this scenario as highly unlikely but technically the second most likely coach-QB combo for the Saints next season.

Which would you prefer? Vote in the poll. Explain in the comments. Send me presents.

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