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Are the Saints struggling due to the quarterback or the entire offense

Is it Derek Carr or a combination of moving pieces?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports

After Sunday’s game against Houston, some New Orleans Saints fans are not impressed and are sold that Derek Carr isn’t the right choice. His performance on Sunday against the Texans was mediocre. One begins to question his performance according with being in sync with the team. Do we blame the offensive line? Do we blame the coaching? or do we simply blame the players? There is a view that neither of the above should be considered for Carr’s performance and that he is the problem.

Let’s look at the last 3 games. Carr had no touchdowns against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, two touchdowns against the New England Patriots and one touchdown with an interception against the Houston Texans. Besides the game against the Patriots, the Saints and Carr struggled to put points on the board.

So, I ask readers and fans, is Carr the problem? Or Allen and Carmichael? After just six games, can you honestly say that Carr isn’t an ideal fit into the system? Considering all the ranting on Twitter where fans are debating Winston vs Carr, you really have to look at the play calling from the sideline and audible calls from the pocket. It’s no secret that Carr has struggled and played poorly overall in the previous 6 games. And if Carr isn’t a good fit, who do you want to see take over from the pocket?

In his press conference today, Carr was asked if there had been any miscommunication. Carr stated, “For sure yesterday there was some miscommunication, there was you know some audibles that were done and we’re not on the same page, and until we get on the same page there is gonna be sucky feelings”. The play from the Tweet below shows one of the bad reads and miscommunication in reference.

When asked why there are issues six weeks into the season, Carr said, “I have some thoughts on that, that I will keep to myself, but for us as players, it takes a great deal of discipline to make sure that, yes we may be running the same play, but a new defense presents different looks.”

Although a valid point, we have to ask the stability and effectiveness of the audibles he is given to call in the heat of the moment against different defenses. So again, is all on Carr or is coaching and play calling a good peace to the struggles? Because as stated by @RosvoglouReport, “The QB play is a symptom of the problem.”

Let’s shift the gears of this parallel irony.

The team they played against yesterday [Houston, Texans] had the same issue previously over losing seasons. This led to them drafting CJ Stroud to take over for the 2nd year Davis Mills. It took the Texans a very long and grueling rebuilding period to get to where they are now. They are still rebuilding. The Texans suffered with Osweiller, Derek Carr’s brother, and Deshaun Watson all under Bill O’Brien’s coaching management. It wasn’t pretty in the city of Houston. The fans felt cheated over the previous seasons with the team’s QB selections, just like a good portion of Saints fans right now. The Texans went through a number of quarterbacks, top tier receivers and defensive players due to poor coaching staff.

When the rebuilding phase is underway, it will get difficult before it gets better. With the new changes this season, it’s going to take a lot of moving pieces to achieve the right combination to collect wins. Keep in mind, the Saints lost their premier coach and quarterback. So, finding replacements for those shoes to fill with younger players will be tough, BUT possible.

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