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5 Questions before Week 7 vs. the Jaguars

What are the biggest questions heading into Thursday night football?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

You are what your record says you are, and the New Orleans Saints are 3-3. They could easily be 5-1 and they could even be 1-5 right now. A disappointing start to a highly anticipated season. This is a game that could be the train back on the tracks or completely fall all the way off the tracks. Here are the biggest questions we are all wondering.

When is enough, enough with Pete Carmichael?

With recent comments from players and coaches I feel like time is actually ticking. Everyone just wants everyone's best effort, and it feels like each week we see a mix of max effort and not enough. DeMario Davis asked the locker room if they enjoyed the Patriots win too much. It is the coach's job to have these players prepared and they look confused and not on the same page way too often. The offense specifically.

How can the Saints manage without James Hurst and Ryan Ramcyzk?

Well did they really get by with them in the lineup? Not really. The offensive line has been miserable at best. The constant shuffling of the line doesn’t help but the moto of football is... next man up. Like Alvin Kamara said, who is the next man up this week and can we count on you?

Who is to blame? Is there any accountability?

Everyone has their hand in this, and it starts up top with Dennis Allen, this is his team and there was hesitation this season with Carmichael about being the OC. Was he the best option? There doesn’t seem to be accountability besides some veteran players in the locker room such as Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas. The Saints had a full offseason to figure this out + 6 weeks of football and nothing is being fixed. The team is frustrated and so are the fans. Everyone is to blame here.

Could we see coaching changes sooner rather than later?

Nothing they are doing seems to be working. Everything they put out there hasn’t worked besides one week against a crumbling Patriot team. Is Dennis Allen on the hot seat? He should be, the Saints took pride in keeping its leadership together and keeping the culture strong. At this moment the culture is in question, and we enter a make-or-break part of the season.

Can the Saints defense hold the Jags under 14 points to give the offense a chance?

What a wild question but it is something that is a reality now. It feels like the defense needs to hold the opponent out of the endzone to have a chance. The Saints offense looks fine from 25 to 25, but the second the enter the red zone it becomes miserable. Trevor Lawerence has been battling a knee injury, but he is trending to play. This is one of the Saints toughest opponents, prove us wrong go out there and score some points.

How can all this be fixed?


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