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Prospect Review: FSU WR Johnny Wilson

Let’s take a brief look at the FSU product.

Virginia Tech v Florida State Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images


Name: Johnny Wilson

Year: Redshirt Junior

Height: 6’7”

Weight: 238 lbs

Johnny Wilson committed to Arizona State after being a 247 Sports four-star recruit. After two years as a Sun Devil, Wilson decided to transfer to Florida State. This is where Wilson made a name for himself. He finished his first season as a Seminole with 43 receptions, 897 yards, and five TDs.


The biggest strength for Wilson is just the natural gifts he has. At 6’7” and 237 lbs., there aren’t many receivers built like him. He came in at number 28 on Bruce Feldman’s “College Football Freaks list.” Wilson didn’t make this list for his height; he can move very well for his size. NFL Draft Buzz is projecting the 22-year-old to run a 4.42 40-yard dash.

One thing Wilson does very well is using his long legs to his advantage. He has these long strides that allow him to run as fast as he does. With this rare speed of size and athleticism, Wilson will demand attention from opposing defenses. This will allow other WRs on the team to be open. At the bare minimum, he’ll be a guy defenses have to at least think about when on the field.

As a blocker, he shows flashes of pure dominance. There are plenty of times on film he’s able to create space for ballcarriers.


While Wilson has tremendous physical gifts, he hasn’t quite put it all together. The biggest problem is his tape is riddled with drops. These drops aren’t tough plays or somewhat contested. They’re just flat-out easy catches that he can’t haul in.

Wilson is a very inconsistent blocker. As I stated earlier, sometimes he will do an excellent job creating space and keeping opponents away from the ball carrier. Then there will be other times that he just gets destroyed by a small defender.

Wilson is also an average to a below-average separator. A lot of his college numbers rely on defenders fearing his size, and he’s able to find the soft zone. In other instances, he’s shown flashes of being able to separate on press coverage. However, he struggles to do this consistently.

The Verdict

Wilson is a guy who is 3rd to 4th round talent but will go round two due to a stellar combine and the vision certain NFL GMs will have with him. I personally think his game is very raw right now and not quite put together.

The vision for Wilson is simple. He’s a big guy that could go up and use his athleticism to haul the football in. What some NFL GMs will see is a potential Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Mike Evans. Right now, I think he’s far away from Mike Evans. However, with the right coaching and scheme, he could be a guy that gets you 600-700 yards a season.

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