Ye Dragonslayers Saints?!@

T'was brave young men that wore black gold and Fleur-de-lis, and slew dragons of olde.

With gold shields and helments and brave harts, ventured all over the land to every abode.

Names like Sir Brees, and Sir Deuce and even Sir Honey-Badger, they travelled thru hill and dale and dark swamps of danger.

Always on the hunt were Sir Jordan and Sir Davis and even Mathieu the Ranger. they tracked and tackled foul beasts and kept the villagers safe on dark Nights... of Danger!

So when winds blow cold and evil things are about these brave Knights will be about... with names like Hill, Granderson, Carr, Kamara, and Hedley, Penning and Hurst, and who could forget old battle axe Peat.

They traveled far and wide and vanqushed many a foe, Three cheers to the Back and gold!


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