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5 Saints questions before Week five

What are some of the biggest questions before this week’s matchup with the Patriots.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints are on a two-game skid after starting the season 2-0. All of a sudden, the Saints sit at .500 with more questions than answers. All of the questions this week involve the offense, the defense had an off week but still did enough to win.

Can the Saints score a TD this week?

What an unserious question right? But the Sad truth is it is a real question and concern. Even on their best drives, they fall short of the endzone. The Saints have score 4 TD’s in 4 games, the Dallas Cowboys defense alone has 4 TD’s this season. Can the score a TD this week?

What's to blame for offensive struggles?

All the problems can’t point toward Pete Carmichael, he should and will be under fire until its fixed though. When Sean Payton was here, we always were excited to see the first 15-plays to see what the game plan is that week. Now it feels like there isn't a plan in place just plays being called. Coach Payton called players and not plays, maybe it is time to just go out there and get your best players the football.

When is enough to change the play-calling duties?

I would give it a couple more weeks. The Saints cannot rely solely on their defense to win every week. They did that last season and that made sense; the offense was injured and not skilled enough to score. This season there is no excuse. The offense is playing not to lose rather than trying to win. It might be time soon to see what Ronald Curry can do.

The Saints are one of three teams to not score over 20 points this season, can they break 20 this week?

Another week and another weak opponent. The Patriots are also another team that hasn’t scored over 20 points this season. It feels like the first team to score a TD this week has a good chance to win. Patriots score 20 points against the Eagles week one and are going off a 3-point game against the Cowboys.

Are the Saints’ weapons being used correctly?

Alvin Kamara broke the NFL record for the least amount of passing yards on 13 receptions this week. Even in trash time, the Saints couldn’t buy a reception downfield. It is fair to say the Buccaneers’ defense is the best the Saints have seen so far, but it felt like the team was unprepared. Michael Thomas has run 10 slants this year, Chris Olave is open but not getting the ball, the TE position has been not utilized at all and the offensive creativity has been bland. The Saints have too many weapons to look this boring and slow.

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