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Fantasy Sit/Start: Week 11

The Saints have a bye week so who are you starting?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that if you have ever participated in a fantasy football league that it can be a rollercoaster of emotions. First, it’s the thrill of drafting a team and seeing if you can pick the right players. It’s the stress of managing team injuries. Finally, it’s the thrill of making the playoffs or winning it all. It’s an exciting journey that lasts all season watching your players perform well and rack up fantasy points. It’s also the agony of seeing them get injured or underperform.

But fantasy football leagues also face hidden struggles, such as the time commitment required to manage your team. In addition, they face the stress of making lineup decisions, and the financial investment involved, if you are the bold and gambling type. Despite these struggles, having a bye week can be that opportunity to take a breather and re-group on your team roster.

This week the New Orleans Saints have a week 11 bye coming off a 19-27 loss against the Minnesota Vikings. Like most fans in leagues across this rotating ball, some have drafted players from the Saints. The question becomes, who do you start in place of them?

Having some of the top players like Kamara, Thomas, Olave and even Carr, depending on your personal lineup could cost you some points this week. Despite his injury and questionable popularity at the moment, Carr is averaging about 16 pts. Not the best fantasy points per game, but definitely not the poorest. Kamara is averaging about 20 pts per game. Despite his initial 3-game suspension, he still holds high fantasy value. In one of my leagues, I have Kyler Murray (QB), Jerome Ford(RB), Dalton Schultz(TE) and I decided to run the Chiefs defense.

So, who do you have coming up this week to replace some of your Saints players on your roster? Let us know in the comments below on how much restructuring you had to do to your line-up this week.