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Social Media Reacts to Bears vs Vikings in MNF Showdown

The Bears defeated the Vikings without scoring a single TD.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings had a spirited battle on Monday night, which ended with a 12-10 Chicago Bears victory. Even in a season rife with quarterback injuries and lackluster performance, the Bears’ win demonstrated their ability to generate a game-winning drive when it mattered. The Bears won the game without scoring a single touchdown.

The Vikings’ trade of Dobbs generated a lot of excitement, but then Monday night’s performance showed a different story and went downhill... fast! As a result of interceptions and poor decision-making, the quarterback had one of the worst halves of his career. Despite some struggles, the Bears were still able to pull off a less than impressive win. Vikings fans are not happy. Last night, the internet was relentless in its coverage of Dobbs’ and the team’s performance.