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If the Saints win/lose against Vikings

The Saints meet a familiar foe...

NFL: Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

After coming out victorious over the Chicago Bears, the New Orleans Saints will travel to Minnesota to meet an opponent they are all too familiar with, the Minesota Vikings. After star QB Kirk Cousins went down to a nasty season ending injury a few weeks ago, many people wrote off the Vikings as true contenders in the NFC. Enter Joshua Dobbs.

QB Joshua Dobbs, who has been brought in to replace Cousins in his absence, rose and elevated his team to a 31-28 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. What does this mean for the Saints? It means that this game will be no cake walk and they should not take the Vikings lightly. This will be a true test of where the team truly is, even after winning 2 games straight.

NFL: Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

If the Saints win:

The Saints are in a favorable position after the events of last Sunday. While sitting in first place at the top of the division, the Saints can now control their own destiny moving forward. A win here against the Vikings would put the Saints further ahead in the race for the NFC South title.

This game will also be a litmus test for the Saints. The Minnesota Vikings have built up a bit of momentum in the absence of Kirk Cousins with a statement win over the Falcons last Sunday. They will be looking to continue that streak against New Orleans as they have had their number in the past. A win over the Vikings here would not only exercise some demons for the Saints, but begin the march to the playoffs for the Who Dat Nation.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

If the Saints lose:

Dropping this game and falling to 5-5 could do the Saints more damage than they care to admit. They have two winnable games coming up in the form of Minnesota and Atlanta. Past that, they have a hard game against the Detroit Lions. Going into the Lions game 7-4 would be a whole lot better than going into it at 6-5. A loss here would continue to make the margin for error smaller for the Saints in the coming weeks. They have a winnable schedule moving forward, but they must handle their business on the field and that starts Sunday in Minnesota.

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