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5 biggest questions before Week 13 vs. the Lions

Biggest questions for the New Orleans before their matchup against Detroit.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Junfu Han via Imagn Content Services, LLC

The New Orleans Saints flopped after a bye week against the Atlanta Falcons. The biggest questions from last week have just become that much more extreme. Starting off with this very important question...

Is it time for the Saints to rebuild/retool?

Yes. the Saints don’t rebuild though. So, it is time to retool. The Saints went 7-9 three straight seasons and found a way to retool and get back into contention without having to completely flip the roster. They will have to do the same and make some tough decisions with some star veteran players on the team.

Will the Saints fire any coaches before the season ends?

Nope. It is not their way. It’d have to be going really bad and the Saints don't seem to think much is going wrong right now. Anything can change but the coaching seats are hot but not hot enough to be fired during the season.

Do the Saints have any shot to beat the Lions?

If they keep playing how they are playing, they will lose by a lot. 0-5 in the redzone and the Lions are coming off a tough loss last week, they will be hungry for a win. The players will also be pumped up to help their coach Dan Campbell beat his former team. Also, the Saints are dealing with a ton of injuries. With a loss the Saints would fall to 5-7.

Who is to blame for the redzone struggles?

No one will play the blame game on the Saints; they also won’t play the take accountability game either. To point fingers, it starts with the most important player on the field, the quarterback. The reads have been poor, and the execution has been worse. Receivers have dropped balls and the linemen have had key penalties to set the offense back. The play calls have been bad and inconsistent too. Along with turnovers from Carr and Hill. Everyone is to blame and everyone.

Time to tank?

The Saints will never tank on purpose but with this staff and current roster they might tank on accident. Saints got some tough wins early in the season and if they didn’t get those the season might look a lot uglier right about now.

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