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Social Media Reactions to MNF: Dolphins vs. Titans

The Dolphins gave up 2 TD’s and 2-point conversion to lose after having the lead late in the game.

Syndication: Palm Beach Post Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK

Could it be that the cat is out of the bag, or the fish is out of the water when it comes to the Miami Dolphins. They had a monumental collapse against the Titans last night, which fans and critics seem to think it’s because the Dolphins have been playing on easy mode. Up until Monday night, Miami had a solid record against losing teams. Yes, you are supposed to dominate and win the so-called “easy” games but has the Dolphins schedule been super simple? It would be difficult not to be confident about your chances of beating a team that is 4-8 in the division. But when you get overly confident, you end up with a game like Monday night. The Dolphins were tied 13-13 with the Tennessee Titans with six minutes left. The Dolphins scored two quick touchdowns to gain a 27-13 lead with three minutes left, then the unspeakable happens. The Dolphins give up two touchdowns and a 2-point conversion, losing 28-27. How Ssay? The internet had some choice words about last night’s game.

What are your thoughts about the Miami Dolphins losing against the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football? Let us know in the comments below.