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CSC Game Picks: Week 15

Confidence is lacking in New Orleans.

NFL: New York Giants at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another week of game picks brought to by our staff here at CSC, as week 15 of the NFL season is fastly approaching.

Tonight, the LA Chargers (+3) will travel to Las Vegas to take on their rival Raiders (-3).

As for your New Orleans Saints (-6) they are currently 6-point favorites against the Tommy Devito-led New York Giants (+6). These odds are brought to you by DraftKings Sportsbook.

When it comes to our staff’s picks, we only have two picks to seem for certain. These would be the Dallas Cowboys (-2) over the Buffalo Bills (+2) and the Baltimore Ravens (-3.5) over the Jacksonville Jaguars (+3.5).

Not too many exciting games this week but the Dallas-Bills as well as the Ravens-Jags matchups are the ones that stick out the most for potentially some high energy clashes between the teams.

Be sure to stick with us throughout the week and into the weekend here at CSC for updates daily on your New Orleans Saints.