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Biggest questions before Week 15 vs the Giants

Biggest questions surrounding the Saints this week.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The season has flown by, and the end is near. The playoffs and or a top-10 pick are somehow both in reach as well. That is the way the season has gone. This week, the New Orleans Saints have a date with the New York Giants in the Superdome. The last time that these two teams met in the Dome was one of the best football games of all time. What are the biggest questions heading into the week?

No Chris Olave?

Olave didn't practice Wednesday or Thursday with an ankle injury. An indication that playing on Sunday might be tough. Mike Thomas is still on IR and Rashid Shaheed returned to practice and was limited. Olave had an illness last week and now battling an ankle this week.

Can the Saints stop the great Tommy Devito?

The Saints have played some QB’s this season with some interesting stories. None is more interesting than Giants QB Tommy Devito. In recent weeks, he has been on fire leading his team on a 3-game winning streak. The Saints DL must keep him in the pocket and force him to make tough throws. It will all start with slowing down Saquan Barkley.

How will the Saints O-Line manage against the Giant defense?

The Giants defense is fast and athletic, and they blitz a lot. Blitzing defenses have given the Saints all kinds of trouble, Carr and the O-Line. If they can’t figure it out it will become a very long day. How do they stop the blitz? Do their job and communicate. Something that seems impossible.

The Saints have 4 games left, can coaches save their jobs?

It has been reported by ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler that the Saints don't want to move on from Dennis Allen. But with another losing season and no division championship, they might have to make a move. For the Saints, it feels like they need to finish the season 4-0 and for us to feel okay about Dennis Allen returning. Finishing 9-8 feels like the worst possible the Saints can finish and win the division.

Why are ticket prices so low?

A hot topic going around the Saints right now is ticket prices, and the low prices keep getting lower and lower. A team that once sold tickets for hundreds of dollars all over the building is now re-selling for $20-30 dollars. The fact is the fans and season ticket holders don't like the product on the field. The past few home games have been filled with opposing fans as well. The simple fact is the on-field product is bad and needs to be fixed.