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CSC Game Picks: Week 16

Many believe in the Saints after a collaborative effort against New York.

Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Week 16 is finally here and to kick it off, we have your New Orleans Saints (+4) taking on the Los Angeles Rams (-4) tonight. With each team coming in at 7-7 with hopes of making a late playoff push, this game is extremely crucial for both squads. Chances of making the playoffs significantly decrease with a loss for either team. Stakes are very high in this one. Once again, these lines are brought to you by DraftKings Sportsbook.

As for our board, we have seven unanimous selections this week. Many of us like the Buffalo Bills (-11.5), the Indianapolis Colts (+1), the Green Bay Packers (-5), the Seattle Seahawks (2.5), the Detroit Lions (-3), the Denver Broncos (-6.5) and the Philadelphia Eagles (-12) to all secure wins this week.

One of the most anticipated games of the year will be coming on Monday night next week, where the 11-3 Baltimore Ravens (+5) taking on the 11-3 San Francisco 49ers (-5) in a potential Super Bowl matchup. Two heavyweights in their respective conferences. Can’t get any better than that.