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5 Questions that we keep asking heading into Week 14

The 5 biggest questions keep on getting bigger.

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Every week we ask the 5 biggest questions heading into that week’s game but the past few weeks it has been the same 5 questions. Before you read this think about your 5 biggest questions this week and let's see how similar they are.

How much longer do we have to deal with Dennis Allen and Co?

Probably for the rest of the season and if they win the division even longer. The New Orleans Saints were down 21-0 and it looked like a could be change was near, but the Saints fought back and nearly won. That bought everyone time.

Derek Carr suffered his 2nd concussion this month, no way he plays right?

Whether you like him or not, you have to admit dude is a fighter. He left with a concussion, shoulder, and rib injury last week. He hasn’t missed a practice yet. He needs to clear concussion protocol so this one is almost out of his hands as the doctors will have a large part of him playing or not.

Is it time to tank for a QB?

The Saints will never tank on purpose, but if they keep doing what they are doing then they will be in a great position to draft a QB. As it stands, they have a top 10 pick and there are a lot of solid QBs in this year's draft!

Can the banged-up Saints sweep the Panthers?

A healthy Saints team went into Carolina very early in the year and barely won. They had O-Line protection issues, problems in the redzone and the only Saint to score in that game isn’t on the team anymore (Tony Jones Jr). Whether it is Carr, Winston or Hill they are going to need to play a lot better to beat a struggling divisional opponent.

Has the staff lost the locker room?

The coaches and players will say no, but it feels like they have. Players and coaches saying opposite things in press conferences, players smirking and being speechless with certain questions and even social media posts. The players will defend the coaches because that is the culture that has been built and that is great. But there are too many signs that point toward changes needing to be made.