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Derek Carr informs Raiders he won’t accept a trade

Las Vegas will likely release him into free agency.

NFL: New England Patriots at Las Vegas Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday, Feb. 12, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that Las Vegas Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr will not accept a trade to another team. Rapoport also noted that the New Orleans Saints are not immune to Carr’s request.

This news comes after several weeks of Carr’s rumored trade to the Saints. Last weekend, Carr reportedly spent multiple days in New Orleans meeting with Saints executives and coaches.

This development is both good and bad for New Orleans, a team that has not been shy with their desire to sign Carr.

The good news is that New Orleans is the only team that appears to be seriously pursuing Carr. His refusal to accept a trade could be a mutually beneficial move for both Carr and New Orleans, given his large contract and the Saints’ cap space deficit.

This could very well be a pre-agreed strategic move between Carr and New Orleans that helps both parties. In this scenario, the Saints would spend less money on Carr and not have to give away draft picks or other players in a trade.

As for the bad news, this could potentially mean that Carr would rather be signed as a free agent. In this scenario, Carr could still be favoring the Saints, but also just keeping his options open. It could also very well mean that Carr is out on the Saints and his former coach Dennis Allen.

Regardless of Carr’s unknown plan, acquiring him is not so black-and white-anymore. The Saints will likely have to compete with other teams to sign him, and for a team in cap space hell, this could be a daunting challenge.

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