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Year in Review: Cam Jordan

Playing younger than he is, Cam is still in his prime.

The New Orleans Saints’ defense started off fairly slow - but for the last half of the season, they were arguably the best in football.

Cam Jordan’s impact on this defense seems to fly under the radar but he had another stellar year. He made plays and even more that won’t show up on the stat sheet. The Saints’ pass rush took a while to gain traction, but Cam was the main source of consistency within the D-line.

Cam Jordan set edges all year. He took on constant chips and some double teams, so the eye test would do more justice to him than the stat sheet. His run-stopping game is severely underrated, and he still tallied 8.5 sacks in a down year. Cam accounted for 66 tackles (13 TFL), two forced fumbles and two pass deflections. Maybe the biggest accomplishment for the Saints this year was Cam becoming the franchise leader in sacks. Cam reached 115.5 sacks in 191 games; the record was previously held by Rickey Jackson (115 in 195 games).
On another note, Cam’s leadership for the Saints is something that can only be rivaled by Demario Davis. Cam has been exceptional for the team, on and off the field. Cam on the Saints: “I’m always going to be Who Dat Nation until Who Dat Nation doesn’t want me anymore,” Cam commented to reporters in his end-of-season interview. “I love the fact that I’ve been able to be in this city for 12 years. I love the fact that I’ve been a part of New Orleans for this last dozen years.”

Cam has been pretty adamant on the front office bringing him some immediate help in the trenches.

On Pivot Podcast, Cam noted the team is still very much in Super Bowl or bust mode... but again, made it clear - the Saints need the right guy at QB and at least one other guy who’s going to match Cam’s production on the defensive line.

David Onyemata and Carl Granderson ended the year with flashes of great play, hopefully they build off of it next year.
Pretty much all Saints fans expect the front office to get Cam some help on the D-line, we’ll just wait and see.

As far as Cam, he had another great year. His down years are still good years. He’ll be just as rejuvenated next season and there won’t be any drop-off. He’s playing younger than his age.

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