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Why the Saints should sign Derek Carr

60% of Saints fans think Carr would be a good fit in New Orleans.

Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

For New Orleans Saints fans, most of the offseason has been spent thinking about who our next quarterback should be. Plenty of different names have been linked with the team, including Baker Mayfield, Hendon Hooker, and, most importantly, Derek Carr.

Canal Street Chronicles ran a poll on Twitter to get fans thoughts on what the team should do. The results of the poll speak for themselves. An overwhelming amount of the Who Dat Nation wants the team to sign Carr. Today’s article will cover why Derek Carr is a good fit for the team.

Nobody here is going to say Carr played his best football last year. It was an underwhelming season for the Las Vegas Raiders. Many people point to Carr as the problem in Las Vegas. Most of those critics will say, “Well he had Davante Adams, how do you only win six games?” To those people, I say this isn’t a one-man game. Football is a team sport; half the time, the quarterback isn’t even on the field.

I would also like people to reflect on the prime Drew Brees era. Drew Brees would constantly play at an elite level, but due to the team’s horrific defense, they would finish 7-9. I’m by no means saying Carr is prime Drew Brees. My point is that wins are not always a QB stat and can be misleading.

The Raiders also have no depth outside of Adams. Waller was injured most of the year, Hunter Renfrow was underwhelming, and guys like Mack Hollins are okay. When you factor that in the team having a bottom-tier head coach, they were set up to fail. However, let’s flashback to just a season ago with Carr.

Derek Carr threw for 4804 yards and looked like a top-ten quarterback. Carr had an EPA of +98.1, which ranked 13th in the league. Carr also proved to be very efficient and accurate that season. He ranked number one in clean pocket accuracy rating, second in accuracy rating, and seventh in true completion percentage per playerprofiler.

The last reason Carr makes sense for the team is that he’s a great scheme fit. The Saints are known for their quick pass offense. Carr is very good at getting the ball out early and can throw the ball with good velocity. He can fit the ball in tight windows better than most Quarterbacks in the league.

Carr also has shown an ability to stretch the field. The Fresno State alumni has ranked top ten in deep ball attempts the past three seasons. This team has been lacking a quarterback that can stretch the field and make the big plays but signing Carr would allow the team to add a dynamic element to their offense.

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